Bio & Portfolio

Greetings! My name is Sarah Murphy Robertson and while my career has ranged from television production to nonprofit management, I’ve always been a freelance writer. For over six years now, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a 30A local. I am now focused full time on writing and establishing great relationships with media sources, small business owners, and the dynamic group of people who live in this stunning area on the panhandle of Florida.

So what do I do? I research and write articles and editorials, create blog posts and other  website content, and produce press releases and marketing copy.

And how can that help you?  I am available for developing a single article, tackling short term projects, or supplying ongoing content. My rates are competitive and project based. I am confident I can help your business get great exposure. By appreciating attention to detail and the creative process, I endeavor to best achieve my clients’ goals. I give you my, ahem, word(s).

So reach out to me today and let’s chat. Cell is 404.545.6407. Or email me at (And in this lovely, sleepy little beach town I pride myself on my prompt communication skills!)




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